Pints for PKD Update #2

By | November 3, 2017

Pints for PKD was a true success exceeding all that we had envisioned. The event
was the first charity event the club put on and also the first of its soon to be “Brew
and Hope” charity program. This new program will be a series of charity events that
we put on routinely for different organizations that our members hold dear to their
hearts. We are doing this because we realize that beer has the power to accomplish
incredible things.
The atmosphere was lively with the beer being sampled, the great food being eaten,
and the Mash Holes keeping it turned up how we like it. So good we decided not to
hold the Brewathlon in fear the vibes would be interrupted. We also had an
awesome and expansive line of donated raffle prizes from 22 beer centric
businesses throughout Rhode Island. The top prizes of the day were a large gift
certificate from Long Live Beerworks, a 50 lbs bag of malt from Apponaug Brewing,
and a brew day at Buttonwoods Brewery. All to drool over and drooled over they
We had set our ambitions high for this event with a goal of raising $1k. By the end
we had found ourselves at a $3,300 donation to forward over to the Polycystic
Kidney Disease Foundation. Completely blowing it all out of the water. This is all
thanks to our supporters, you beer and charity lovers.
Thank you again to all for some much love being shown. Cheers!!