Sit back and smell the kettles

By | April 27, 2016

Imagine if you will the trees filled with leaves, a warm breeze gently dancing with the steam coming off your boil kettle. You are sitting back in a lawn chair drinking your last stout from winter. The air is heavy with 7 varieties of hops totaling 21oz, as you brew up some of your famous “Facemelter IPA”. This is the average Spring scene for a home brewer.

Just because the weather hasn’t been perfect doesn’t mean RIBS and its members have been sitting idle. Elections were held in December and we have been putting our trust in our new President Chris M., Vice President Josh F. and Secretary Kate M. Both Josh and Kate have been crushing their new rolls making the club run like a well oiled machine. Kate has brought a level of organization not previously experienced by the club and we’re lucky to have her. Josh and Chris taking the helm with Jenn P. from JBREW and running the Ocean State Home Brewing Competition for the second year in a row and the 6th OSHC overall.

It doesn’t stop there, a few months prior we posted about Long Live Beer Works opening in Providence. While many RIBS members have been visiting the brewery we haven’t given it the love it deserves. So with in the next few weeks we hope to do a write up (with sweet beery pictures) of the brewery.

We have also expanded our inter-club activities to include beer experiments, this was an idea stolen inspired by the Brooklyn Brewminaries. Our latest experiment was 5 different regional yeasts in the same wort. The base was a Traditional English Bitter that was was split into 5 Р1gallon samples. Each of the wort samples had English varieties of yeast pitched. The varieties were Whitbread I, Whitbread II, London, English, and British. The results were very stark and really inspired members to branch out with their yeast choices. We have also continued our inter-club competitions with our latest competition being Irish and Scottish Styles.

We are always welcoming new members and are excited to see what the Spring and Summer months are going to bring!