Current Officers


Alex MacIntosh

Alex MacIntosh (Left)

Name: Alex MacIntosh
Favorite Beer: Firestone Walker Pivo Pils
Untappd: DrAlexM
Brewing Since: 2012
Brewing Styles: All grain, Favorite styles are IPA’s, Pilsners, Strong Ales (Wee Heavy, American Strong Ale)
Favorite Beer Brewed: Gaston County Light Lager (Miller Light Clone) and Clan MacIntosh Wee Heavy

My first beer was back in 2012 while I was a graduate student.  My then girlfriend (now wife) was very interested in craft beer and showed interest in brewing her own. I was mainly pounding cheap beer, drinking bourbon, and was craft beer unaware. After purchasing a starter kit and helping her out, I was immediately hooked! Fast forward a few years, I now have a full all-grain set up, and try to brew at least twice a month. I usually brew a little bit of everything, with my Muddy River IPA series being a crowd favorite! My chemistry background allows me to fully geek out, with water chemistry, mash pH, etc. My wife still enjoys brewing alongside me occasionally, with Chinook, our brew-Lab!

Vice President

Joshua Fogg

Joshua Fogg

Name: Joshua Fogg
Favorite Beer: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Untappd: Fogger 
Brewing Since: Spring of 2012
Brewing Styles: All grain, Favorite styles are APA’s and IPA’s, Saison’s, Pilsners, and Brown Ales
Favorite Beer Brewed: Either Queen Of Sumatra NEIPA (I won 1st place at Chico Homebrew Competition and got to go to Beer Camp because of it) or my first Bohemian Pilsner because I did a double decoction (it was a 12 hour brewday) and the beer was heavenly.

My first batch of beer was a Mr. Beer kit way back in 2006. I was so proud that I made beer but that’s about all it was, just beer, and it wasn’t very good. Typical story, right? Finally in 2012 My best friend and I bought our starter sets with a recipe kit (an IPA of course) from Blackstone Brewing Supplies. Took us three hours to get out of there that Friday night but it was worth it. I was instantly hooked, although I had to do some serious cleaning of the dripping wet ceiling in the kitchen. This did prompt me to renovate the kitchen and install a range hood which made my wife happy(er) about my new found hobby. After three batches I turned to all grain brewing. After six years and 83 batches I now adjust my water chemistry, check pH, and just really enjoy every aspect about researching and brewing beer.


Ryan Durgin

Ryan Durgin (Right)

Name: Ryan Durgin
Favorite Beer: Stone Xocoveza Imperial Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout
Untappd: Durgin1
Brewing Since: Fall 2013
Brewing Styles: All grain, Favorite styles are Imperial Stouts, California Common, Baltic Porter.
Favorite Beer Brewed: South of The Wall Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout.I tried to imitate my favorite beer, I start with a big imperial stout and then add tinctures post fermentation with all the flavors I’d like to add such as Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coco and Peppers. It’s won awards at the Ocean State Homebrew Competition and also the South Shore Brew Off

Social Media Officer

Beckett Tobak

Beckett Tobak

Name: Beckett Tobak
Favorite Beer: Duchesse De Bourgogne
Untappd: Bjew22 
Brewing Since: April 2018
Brewing Styles: All grain, Saisons, IPA’s, and Blonde Ales.
Favorite Beer Brewed: So far my favorite beer brewed was Fam Jam. It was the very first beer I had ever brewed and I brewed it with my brother and brother in law. I learned so much about brewing that day and have been hooked ever since. The beer came out to an 8% and had a TON of mixed berries making it a smooth and sweet sour that was perfect for summer. Nothing better than a great beer made with my favorite people.