Proclamation Ale Company

By | July 22, 2014

When soon to be President and Brewmaster of Proclamation Ale Company, Dave Witham, first introduced himself to us and told us about his plans for a nanobrewery in West Kingston, RI we were excited.  With several barrels on the way, we were looking forward to some barrel aged beer and before we knew it the brewery was opening.

On our first tour back in January, Proclamation was still unknown to some. Now it seems like everyone is raving about Proclamation and knows the names Tendril and zzzlumber.  With bars kicking their kegs in record times and RIBS members having missed the first tour we had to go back. The crowd was as big as the first time with the RI Brew Bus rolling in and with several new and unique beers to sample, it made for another great time.