Current Officers


Alex MacIntosh

Alex MacIntosh (Left)

Name: Alex MacIntosh
Favorite Beer: Firestone Walker Pivo Pils
Untappd: DrAlexM
Brewing Since: 2012
Brewing Styles: All grain, Favorite styles are IPA’s, Pilsners, Strong Ales (Wee Heavy, American Strong Ale)
Favorite Beer Brewed: Gaston County Light Lager (Miller Light Clone) and Clan MacIntosh Wee Heavy

My first beer was back in 2012 while I was a graduate student.  My then girlfriend (now wife) was very interested in craft beer and showed interest in brewing her own. I was mainly pounding cheap beer, drinking bourbon, and was craft beer unaware. After purchasing a starter kit and helping her out, I was immediately hooked! Fast forward a few years, I now have a full all-grain set up, and try to brew at least twice a month. I usually brew a little bit of everything, with my Muddy River IPA series being a crowd favorite! My chemistry background allows me to fully geek out, with water chemistry, mash pH, etc. My wife still enjoys brewing alongside me occasionally, with Chinook, our brew-Lab!

Vice President

Jamie Burnet

Jamie Burnet (Left)

Name: Jamie Burnet
Favorite Beer: Founders Backwoods Bastard
Untappd: antiqueChairman
Brewing Since: Summer 2010
Brewing Styles: All grain, Favorite styles are Smoked Beers, Sours, Lager, Experimental
Favorite Beer Brewed: Kettlefrog – Kettle Sour DIPA

I first started brewing with my dad in 2010, helping stir as he poured in Dry Malt Extract. Over the next year I took over the beer brewing while he continued to brew wine. I gradually progressed from extract to all-grain, and my batches grew increasingly experimental. In 2013 I met Jake and moved up from Virginia to Rhode Island. Eventually we got married and Jake started brewing alongside me and engineering new brewing systems for us. Around that time, I finally started putting effort into temperature control and my beer went from “interesting concept” to “decent execution”. In 2016 we came to the Rhode Island Brewing Society and found a developing community of passionate and skilled homebrewers.


Joshua Fogg

Joshua Fogg

Name: Joshua Fogg
Favorite Beer: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Untappd: Fogger 
Brewing Since: Spring of 2012
Brewing Styles: All grain, Favorite styles are APA’s and IPA’s, Saison’s, Pilsners, and Brown Ales
Favorite Beer Brewed: Either Queen Of Sumatra NEIPA (I won 1st place at Chico Homebrew Competition and got to go to Beer Camp because of it) or my first Bohemian Pilsner because I did a double decoction (it was a 12 hour brewday) and the beer was heavenly.

My first batch of beer was a Mr. Beer kit way back in 2006. I was so proud that I made beer but that’s about all it was, just beer, and it wasn’t very good. Typical story, right? Finally in 2012 My best friend and I bought our starter sets with a recipe kit (an IPA of course) from Blackstone Brewing Supplies. Took us three hours to get out of there that Friday night but it was worth it. I was instantly hooked, although I had to do some serious cleaning of the dripping wet ceiling in the kitchen. This did prompt me to renovate the kitchen and install a range hood which made my wife happy(er) about my new found hobby. After three batches I turned to all grain brewing. After six years and 83 batches I now adjust my water chemistry, check pH, and just really enjoy every aspect about researching and brewing beer.

Technology Officer

Jake Tobak

Jake Tobak

Name: Jake Tobak
Favorite Beer: Heavy Seas TropiCannon
Brewing Since: Fall 2013
Brewing Styles: All grain, Favorite styles are anything Big & Boozy
Favorite Beer Brewed: Breakfast Day Porter – Imperial Smoked Porter