Who knew? The move to Buttonwoods was a huge success. A huge shout out to Morgan for letting us take over his barley pop factory one night per month. This first meeting at Buttonwoods was our largest meeting ever. We had a total of 43 people attend this meeting (44 if you count Ollie, well of course we count Ollie!). Maybe it was because of the impressive talks we had by Eric Olson, purveyor of Olson & Son Hopyard speaking bout his family and the creation of his hopyard(s) and growing hops in Rhode Island and Morgan Clark Snyder Jr., owner of Buttonwoods Brewery and his anecdotal tales of coming finding himself through the journey from distributor to brewery owner. Maybe it was because of the awesome new location, all in all it really was an awesome evening! Write-ups and video feeds of the two talks to be posted shortly.
We are very exited about our upcoming meetings at our new home. Thank you again Morgan for hosting us in your awesome brewery!

Upcoming Meetings:
March: Wednesday the 14th
April: Wednesday the 11th

An impressive evening with 11 new faces.
- Jamie O'Brien - found out about us at the Rhode Island Brewfest and likes stouts.
- Mark Miller - Only done a few bathces but likes his IPA's.
- Joe Golfieri - Found out about us at Balckstone Brewing Supplies, like his NEIPA's
- Eric Olson - Purveyor of Olson & Son Hopyards in Riverside Rhode IIsland and really likes his APA's.
- Cassidy Whipple - Jim' Given co-brewer and lover of pale ales and lagers.
- Ryan Plante - Jim's friend and a fan of English beers.
- Ana Champagne - Tim's wife and brewing assistant.
- Marcus Howell - Disappointed there were no BBQ Ribs (We'll look into that for you).
- Zac Belanger - Moved up from Alabama and is into Barrel Sours and Stouts. A big Thank You for the vanilla bean and rum barrel hook up.
- Patrick Canary - Only done two brews but is itchin' for more.
- Beckett Tobak - Our very own Jake Tobak's sister and a huge fan of Treehouse's Haze!


- Click the picture for the full feature on the RIBS website.
- This a new feature we are adding to each month's meetings, website and minutes.

- We want to get more people involved so the more active you are the better chance of being "in the spotlight".
- Send the officers an email or talk to us in private if you know someone you want to nominate.
- At the April Meeting ALL existing and new members will be required to sign a new and updated application and pay their dues.
- Click the image if you want to download it for review and fill it out prior to the meeting.
- Dues are $20 for the year.
- More details to come.
- Meet up a few times a month maybe?
- Accessible for all levels.
- Run, walk or jog, just come out and join in the fun!
Rhode Island Brewfest
- A huge success!
- We had an amazing selection of not only beer but mead and cider too!
- Shout out to Jamie, Jake, Alex, John, Ryan, and Ed for representing the club.
- An a huge thanks to Dave, rich, Ed, Ryan, Jamie, Jake and Alex for donating their libations!
- We had a total of 38 people sign up for the listserv.
PMM Groundhog Day Comp 2018
- A huge congrats to Matt Ellis and Brad Wilson for taking home medals in the Portland Mashing Maniacs Groundhog Day Comp
- Matt Ellis took first place in the Light Lager category with his German Pils and he also brewed it all the way to the top for BEST OF SHOW BEER!
- Brad Wilson literally smoked his category by taking first place in the Smoke and Wood aged beer category with his Classic Smoke Beer!
- On February 24th there was private tout for RIBS members only hosted Chip, one of the owners.
- Alex (and Emily), Jamie, Jake, Fred, Mike (and Ingrid), and Brandon came out

- Good times and good beer!
- Best of all this resulted in RIBS acquiring two of Proclamation's old barrels full of bugs. Some really cool projects to come.
AHA National Homebrew Competition
- There are still some open slots through club members who purchased the maximum number of slots
- We will make an announcement at the next meeting of what's available.
- Its first come first serve!
Ocean State Homebrew Competition!
- Registration is officially closed.
- I hope you were all able to get your entries in!
- We need judges though, please sign up on the website to judge one of the sessions:
- Saturday Morning 9-12
- Saturday afternoon 1-4
- Sunday morning 9-12
- Talk to Alex our Judge Coordinator for more information
Internal Club Competition - STOUTS!
- March 14th meeting
- We will follow BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines
- 16A Sweet Stout, 16B Oatmeal Stout, 16C Tropical Stout
- 16D Foreign Extra Stout
- 20B American Stout, 20C Imperial Stout
- Varients as well, Coffee, Chocolate, Rasberry, Sour, Etc...
- Get creative and show us what you got!
- Oh yeah in January Gary proclaimed he is stout. Not sure if this still stands....

Internal Club Recipe Challenge
- More Details are nailed down.
- Brewing Classic Styles Blonde Ale

- Everyone do the same recipe so we can evaluate differences in techniques, water, fermenting, packaging etc...
- Homebrewing 101 at the Westerly Library.
- Sometime in April.
- Stay tuned for updates and a call for volunteers!
- Also in April, the "Archeology of Beer" - a talk on the real history of beer by Dr. Emily Macintosh.
- Anyone else interested in giving a talk please let us know!
- An awesome RIBS event benefiting the club.
- Open to the public.
- Brew Beer, Bring beer, Have Fun!
- We need organizers - anyone willing to help please step up and let us know if you're interested.
- Thanks to Jamie and Fred and the others who brought snacks for the February meeting.
- Check out Fred's awesome Tumeric and Ginger Hummus by clinking on Homer!
Get Your SLACK On!
- SLACK is a great way to stay connected with members between meetings
- If you're not on it you should be - there is so much that happens and is disucssed
- Recipe design, events, problem solving, etc...
- RIBS Slack URL
- RIBS Slack Signup
Don't walk around NAKED!
- RIBS apprael is a great way to show your club support!
- 18 out of 25 total screen printed items needed to place order
- 7 out of 12 total embroidery items needed to place order
- Once the minimum quantities are met we'll place the order
- Pick anything you want, just fill out the order form
- We use J. Mack Studios in Westerly: here are the Catalogues
- RIBS Apparel order form
- Post about your brewday!
- Post about your location!
- Post about your mom!
- OK well don't do that.
- Just POST!
- Be active and give RIBS a larger social media footprint!
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