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Barrington Library Home Brewing 101 Class

By | May 28, 2015

Ever want to learn to home brew but figured it was probably too hard? Well Join us June 4th at the Barrington Public Library starting at 7pm for a Home Brewing 101 class. We will talk the basics of home brewing, how to get started, common mistakes, and we will open the floor to a Q&A session. Contact the library to sign up and to get more information or visit their website here.

May Meeting (5/21/2015) Notes

By | May 22, 2015

The Rhode Island Brewing Society held their May meeting (rescheduled from May 14th) last night at our latest meeting location, the MOTIF Magazine Headquarters. Turn out was low due to the rescheduled date, but we welcomed two new guests to the meeting; great to meet you Chris & Dave! Chris & Dave are experienced homebrewers who provided some great brewing tips and shared some of their home brew.

Charlie lead the meeting and provided the following updates on recent and future club events.

American Homebrewers Association Big Brew Day

RIBS held their American Homebrewers Association Big Brew Day on April 26, 2015 (the official date is May 2nd, but this was the day that worked for most RIBS members). The club set out to brew 40 gallons of a Rye IPA recipe. It was a challenging day (after our brewery visits the previous day), but everyone had fun.

Ocean State Home Brew Competition

Feedback from RIBS members, guests, sponsors, and other clubs was very positive. The event had 211 entries and none were lost. We congratulate Jim, Aaron, Kate, Josh, Tony, Chris, Ryan, today’s guests Chris & Dave for their competition victories. We also want to give a big THANKS to all RIBS competition volunteers, especially Chris Moran, for their hard work and excellent execution of this important club activity.

Upcoming Club Events

Homebrewing 101

June 4, 2015 – Barrington Library, Barrington, RI

June 17, 2015 – Coventry Library, Coventry, RI

Volunteers: Charlie, Dan, Kate, Dennis


Summer Quarterly Brew Competition

Date TBD, but planning for end of summer and will be combined with a BBQ.

The competition will be Iron Chef style, with a list of ingredients to be finalized soon.


New England Homebrewers Jamboree (NH)

September 11 & 12, 2015 – Tamworth Campground, Tamworth, NH

Tickets go on sale July 1, 2015.


Club Officers Change

Due to work commitments, Mike Ryan has stepped down from his position of Club Secretary. We thank Mike for his time and efforts! Tim has volunteered to take over the position.


Meeting Update

By | May 11, 2015

Meeting Update!

This week’s meeting is going to be postponed till May21 (next Thursday). We have the Ocean State Home brew Competition in our sites and we are working feverishly to wrap up any loose ends. We look forward to seeing everyone next week and sorry for the inconvenience.

Another Meeting Location

By | April 9, 2015

Members of the RIBS are no stranger to being nomads, we have traveled from bar to bar in the past to have our early meetings, then we had the carpet factory for a while and finally Close Quarters Hack Space in Pawtucket. With the closure of Close Quarters we’ve had to move our meetings yet again.

Motif Magazine has been gracious enough to lend their space for our shenanigans meetings. From now till foreseeable future our meetings will be held at the Motif headquarters in Pawtucket. The address is 65 Blackstone Ave. Pawtucket RI 02860

Rhode Island History on Tap Launch!

By | April 6, 2015

The Rhode Island Brewing Society would like to congratulate Kristie and Ashleigh on the launch of their book Ocean State History on Tap. The book takes you from the pre-prohibition era all the way to the current breweries of Rhode Island. Who would have guessed that such a small state could have such a rich history! The book launch packed What Cheer Tavern in Providence to the gills with beer lovers from all over the state.

If you are interested you can snag your copy of the book from Amazon.


A New Direction…..

By | April 1, 2015

GoatTacoThis has been a long time in the making and we are absolutely thrilled we can finally announce the fruition of a crazy plan. Starting today we are opening the doors of our brand new RI-based brewery, Goat Taco Brewing Co.! This brewery will be unlike any other brewery that has come before because it is built by homebrewers and staffed by different hombrewers, each week. A rotating cast of brewers means that the beers we produce will encompass all the diversity, free-thinking and defiance that the Ocean State has to offer. Our starting line up will consist of the following member created beers:

Pasty Nerd Pale Ale
A pale ale that reminds you of all that time you spent playing D&D in your parent’s basement. Only a few shades above clear, this beer is hand crafted by local nerds and the ingredients are decided by a D-20. The perfect beer for a 24 hour LAN party.  ABV 3.0%

Pressed Ham Rauchbier
German Smoked Ale that will convince you to loosen your belt and press your money maker right against a bus window. 100% Organic Ham juice is extracted from locally raised pigs and added into the bright tanks for maximum flavor. Brewed with 3X the amount of smoked grains as any other Rauchbeer out there, this porky beer weighs in at a hefty 13.3% ABV.

A-Okay Acorn Nut Brown
Can you say extreme bitterness? Style guidelines be damned! We robbed several squirrel dens right before winter so that we got only the choicest of acorns for this beer. Don’t worry, we gave the squirrels a home and plenty of bird seed so they didn’t starve. We then toasted the acorns to bring out their natural nuttiness and mixed them with some Marris Otter base malt and a healthy dose of Warrior Hops to really hit the flavor profile home. ABV 7.8%

Keep your eye out for these brand new beers at local bars this spring! We would love to hear your feedback as you try our new libations. Cheers!

Ocean State Homebrew Competition

By | March 31, 2015

OSHC-RIBS-STB-logos combined stackedBreak out those brewpots and get brewin! The 5th Annual Ocean State Homebrew Competition is almost upon us. Starting April 1st, you will have till May 1st to submit your entries to the OSHC. Drop off locations are spread all throughout southern New England. Head over to for registration information and details. All proceeds will go to Save The Bay, a local charity involved dedicated to preserving Narragansett Bay. Doherty’s Ale House and Two Roads Brewing Company are also stepping up to help us make this the best OSHC yet!

If competitions are not your thing, we could always use help with judging and stewarding. There is no better way to learn about beer than to analyze it and hang out with experienced judges. Those of you who are going for your BJCP Certification judging will give you points towards your certification.

We are looking forward to making the competition as successful as prior years and wish the best of luck to everyone who enters.






Help us Spring, you’re our only hope.

By | March 26, 2015

The long endless winter is finally coming to an end. It is time for us to emerge from our deep hibernation and fire up the brew kettles and get brewing. Not to say we haven’t been active all winter, we have recently taken control of the OSHC and have been working with local organizations and other RI based brew clubs to make that happen.

We kicked off our first Spring meeting at our new meeting location; Motif magazine was nice enough to lend our their headquarters for our meetings. We settled right in to the new meeting space with our quarterly competition. This was a BJCP category 10 SMaSH, for those not familiar with SMaSH brewing it is a SingleMalt and SingleHop. This particular brewing method really puts constraints on the brewer when conforming to the styles.

The winners were Chris M. in first and a tie for second place with Ed W. and Josh F.


Keep an eye out as RIBS will be performing Home Brewing 101 classes throughout the state in the coming months. Additional information will be posted to the website and social media pages, alternatively you can email for more information.

[UPDATE] Home Brewing 101

By | March 2, 2015

Due to poor weather conditions in the area the Home Brewing 101 class has been postponed, further details on the event will be posted when they are available.

Come join us on March 5th 6:30PM at the Coventry Public Library for a Home Brewing 101 Class. We will talk about getting started with brewing, what equipment you will need, then open the floor to Q&A. Registration information can be found through the library’s website.

It’s what season?!

By | December 8, 2014

Where has the time gone? You can see from the website that we have been less than diligent at updating with the club shenanigans. Don’t think for a second that we have been sitting around twiddling our thumbs though! We are currently working with the other established RI based home brew clubs on a super secret project (details to come).

We also wanted to give everyone a heads up that this month’s meeting, that would normally be on Thursday 12th, cancelled in favor of the member Christmas party. We will be hosting normal meetings again in January.

We want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a fantastic New Year!