Ocean State Home Brew Competition

OSHC-14This past weekend was the Ocean State Home Brew Competition organized by Johnson and Wales’ brewing club, JBrew. After months of kicking around ideas and honing their recipes a few brave RIBS members tossed their beers in the ring of fire knowing that not all would win. It was a weekend filled with good hombrew, good conversation and phenomenal food for those members that volunteered to judge. We would like to Congratulate Chris, Josh, and Mike on their awards and hard work.





HM     Chris Moran         ConColor IPA                    23A: Specialty Beer
3rd     Joshua Fogg        Coffee Stout                      21A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2nd    Michael Driscoll   Blood Orange Hefeweizen   20A: Fruit Beer


A bigger bucket….

RIBS at the bucket 2014It was over a year ago when we went to that forsaken place…. the kind of place that only the downtrodden and hopeless would congregate. The population was rife with scurvy. Lights barely lit the room and the seats were covered in splinters….. Oh wait that was last night. What I’m really here to talk about is (new) Bucket Brewery. The last time we visited our friends at the Bucket Brewery it was the waning of 2011. They had a small space with an advanced homebrew setup and a 1bbl capacity. They powered through the years like a nugget of snow rolling down the side of a mountain. Now in early 2014 they’ve picked up a steady pace and are ready to smash through that small town at the bottom of the hill.

Along with some serious momentum they have expanded to a new space in Pawtucket and some serious new equipment. Shiny new 10 bbl fermenters divided the large warehouse space into two areas. One side a tasting room, the other a bottling and kegging area. A Glycol chiller in it’s own mini garage supplies the fermenters with a regular temperature that keeps the beers coming out consistent, clear and fresh. The ceiling was lined with a maze of pipes to dispense the glycol. A small door near the entrance led to the grain room which contained a grain massive grain mill, who seemed all too happy to be on the team. Decorated Kegs

Off in the corner was the tasting area and a red square painted on the floor below it. This red square marked the size of the old brewery. It was amazing they ever got the job done in that small a space. We got to all taste their latest round and it was evident how much their craft has come along.  We even got to decorate some of the newest kegs.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday evening and if you get the chance I highly recommend  it. Here’s to more bucket!

Good Luck Armando

One of our own is crossing the pond to attend brewing school at the University of Sunderland. We all wish him the best of luck with his studies and can’t wait to see what he brings back for the group!

Home Brewing 101 Grain to Glass


Class is in session! Join the Rhode Island Brewing Society at the Warwick Public Library for a 1 hour Home Brewing 101 Class followed by a Q&A session. The event will be Wednesday March 5th 7pm-8:30pm. Sign up for the 21+ event at the here.

Meeting Postponed

We are going to be postponing this week’s meeting due to weather. We have been getting reports of snow, freezing rain, slush and gloom of night (in some areas). In lieu of such perils we are going to postpone the meeting till next week February 20th. Drive safe everyone!



RI Brewfest 2014 Completed!

Here’s to another wildly successful Rhode Island Winter Brew Fest!MikeD Serves beer at Winter Brewfest 2014

This was our second time in attendance to this wonderful festival and we all had a great time and met a ton of awesome people. We went home with only about 2 kegs worth of beer, after having brought 5 of them. You people all drank too much of our beer, we need to have a talk…but after this beer.

We brought back our awesome make your own pretzel necklace station. It was a hoot watching all of you fumbling with the pretzels and string after a few beers. Remember this for next year, Tie a pretzel to one end of the string, then load from the other end. That way you won’t drop all the pretzels as a lot of people did.

Of course we had time to visit other tables during the festival and chat with the brewers there. There was an even larger showing of actual Rhode Island breweries this year than last year, proving the trend. We were stationed right next to Dave of Proclamation Ale Co. and that was dangerous. The zzzLumber was flowing at the Proclamation table and being good neighbors we had to partake at least a few times.

RIBS members who weren’t working the festival dropped by for their requisite samples and general chatting. They also went to other tables and gave us the skinny on which beers to try.

If you missed the Winter Brew Fest I highly recommend you try to make it to the summer one.

RI Brewfest 2014 (Winter)

RIBF-2013This is it people, the big day is almost here and it is certainly going to be the highlight of your February. February 1st, the RI Brewfest (http://www.ribrewfest.com/) returns to the Pawtucket Armory, boasting 165+ beers on hand for your sampling. If you haven’t bought a ticket already, I suggest you do. Here’s a list of the beers we’re offering for samples. We only have two taps and the beers may be in kegs or bottles. There’s also no real schedule as to when they’ll be available, so come back often to try them all!

Three Sons 60 Minute Double IPA
This Double IPA is continuously hopped every minute for 60 minutes with Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, Glacier, and Nugget hops.  Dry hopped with Cascade, this mighty beer measures 108 IBUs and 8.0% ABV.

Red Barn Coffee Oatmeal Stout
A very dark, full-bodied, roasty, malty, ale comprised of Roasted Flaked Oats, Chocolate Malt, and Roasted Barley. Hopped with East Kent Golding, then finished with cold-brewed coffee to round out this easy drinking beer. 5.1% ABV

Hoppy Wheat Ale
This is a low ABV beer weighing in at 3.5%, but is hopped with Columbus for bittering, Willamete and Cascade and finished with Sorachi Ace and Mosaic for aroma. The malt bill is a 50/50 split of 2-row and White Wheat and add a little Caramel 10 for sweetness.

‘Murican Ale
A partial extract ale weighing in at 4% ABV. Amber in color, it is well balanced with Cluster hops for both bittering and aroma. This mild ale is very sessionable and a great “gateway” craft beer.

Darkside Dunkelweizen
Dunkelweizen, literally translated as Dark Wheat, but don’t be afraid of the darkside. It’s amber to deep ruby in color and will taste like the German Hefeweizens you may have had before. Hold the lemon though, this one doesn’t need it. At a respectable 4.4%ABV and flavored with Tettnang hops this beer is meant for enjoying while rambling the streets of Munich.

Peace Coffee Stout Porter
Dark as a winter’s night, this beer takes the best qualities of stouts and porters to make an uncompromising beer that will surely wake you up. After the beer was brewed a half pound of crushed Fair Trade coffee beans were added to the fermenter and take a dominant role in the tasting. Golding hops provide some nice aromas to augment the assertive coffee notes. ABV 4.375%

These beers will all be on Untappd(untappd.com) so you can check into them and give us ratings and feedback. Links to them will be posted in our booth.

See you at the Festival!

PS. We’ll have our ‘Make your own pretzel necklaces’ area returning

BJCP Guidelines Stout Competition 2014

It is a new year for RIBS and with that we have decided to step up the competitions a bit. RIBS members now will be following the Beer Judging Certification Program (BJCP) guidelines for their beers. The move to a more rigid system helps hone the skill of the brewer and gives valuable feedback even before entering into an official contest. It also helps the other members who are judging the beers understand how the judging process works. The first competition in the BJCP series focused on Style 13 – Stouts. Style 13 includes 6 sub categories and members were free to choose from those categories:

  • Dry Stout
  • Sweet Stout
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Foreign Extra Stout
  • American Stout
  • Russian Imperial Stout

For detailed descriptions, visit the official BJCP page:(http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/style13.php)

When you are brewing with in the guidelines it forces you to take a step back and really think about if the ingredient goes with the recipe. Many of members who were familiar with brewing stouts were able to add their own flair to it and still stay within guidelines.

Since this was our first BJCP based competition we realized (about half way through) the standard practice of subjective voting would no longer cut it. In the interests of continuity we stuck with the subjective practice for this competition. The next competition will be more like a real BJCP competition, complete with score sheets.

This time around we have 2 winners, first time winner Jim taking first place with his Sweet Stout and 2nd time Winner Nate taking 2nd place also with a Sweet Stout. I guess people really like their sweet stouts.

Nate and Jim

Nate and Jim

We have the rest of the pictures in our gallery.


PS. Be on the look out for the RIBS table at the Rhode Island Brewfest on February 1st. We’ll have a few beers for sampling and will answer any questions you have about brewing.

Happy Holidays

It has been another fun year and RIBS has had a blast; we look forward to another year of adventures in brewing! We ended the year on a high note with the return of Dog Fish Head to RI.
RIBS members were1510877_687374284640004_1658662942_n able to have a rare opportunity to meet with Sam Calagione at the Dog Fish Head return party.







We would like to thank all the local businesses that have helped us keep brewing through out this year. Our members kept the beer flowing and the good times coming in 2013.

RIBS held quarterly beer competitions and turned out some great beers. The goal, aside from camaraderie is to break members from their brewing comfort zone to try styles they might not have tried before. We then mix in a bit of friendly competition and a 1st and 2nd place snazzy ribbon or trophy for a fun filled night of tasting.

The first competition, in a winter-fashion was a stouts and porters competition. Armando won with a killer Milk Stout and thus kicked off a great year of competitions.

The spring competition opened the gate for a golden beer competition. Justina, a relatively new home brewer won first place with her 2nd beer ever brewed! Her Mango Golden ale really took the taste buds of our members by storm.

The summer competition with fruit and vegetable based beers gave everyone a chance to add some vitamins to their diet, in beer form. Kate took first place with her Cucumber Wheat, this beer was refreshing and flavorful, and adhered closely to the guidelines. In 2nd Place we had Josh’s Strawberry Rhubarb beer, which mixed a pleasant balance of sweet and tart without the Rhubarb over staying it’s welcome.

The fall brown and bitters competition held in October brought a great variety of beers.  In first place was Mike D. and his “India Nut Brown” and second place went to Josh F. with his “English Bitter.”

RIBS members all agreed that after 1 year of successful competitions we would follow the styles of the BJCP guidelines. We are excited for our next competition, which will follow the BJCP guidelines for Stouts in our first competition of 2014.

Dan graciously hosted the RIBS Octoberfest party this year. Everyone who attended brought some samples of their fall brews. There was great conversation, laughter and beer tasted.

Justina and Eddie hosted the Holiday party this year. It was a wonderful pot luck and Yankee swap event. There wasn’t a bad beer in the house.

RIBS will be attending the RI Brew Fest again next year on February 1st so look for our booth and our home brews! IMG_20131219_194930

We hope everyone enjoyed the year with RIBS and we look forward to making more memories and more beer with everyone next year!

From all of us at Rhode Island Brewing, have a happy holiday and a great new year!

December Meeting: Cancelled

santa-beerJust a reminder, the December meeting is CANCELLED, so we can do our annual Yankee Beer Swap and Potluck. Sorry, this is a Members only event. If you want to get in on next year’s event, we encourage you to show up to our January (Jan 9th) meeting. See you then!